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This section contains various articles and class handouts I have put together over the years.

Pennsic Class Handout: From the Skin Out: Dressing the Brueghel Peasant Man

TUTORIAL: Using the Victoria and Albert museum Image Collection on-line

ARTICLE: Garb for a 12th Century Lady (Previously Published in the Summer 1995/#115 issue of Tournaments Illuminated.)

HANDOUT: Patterning and Constructing the Brueghel Vest (Handout from class given at Pennsic 36)

HANDOUT: Whipcord bobbin construction (Handout used at various demos)

HANDOUT: Constructing Tama (Bobbins) for Kumihimo Braiding

Arms of Master Richard Wymarc
Sable, a shakefork giles,
fimbriated argent