Description: "Band, German, 14th-15th Century. Plied white linen thread and colored silks in satin stitch on linen."
Origin: Germany
Period: 14th-15th century
Current location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Museum number: 7048-1860
Object number: O364078

Current Museum page:

Current Museum Raw Record:

Original catalog description:
"Border of coarse linen, embroidered with white, green, and red silks in close short stitches, with a diaper key pattern filled in with dots and crosses. German. 14th centy. 14 in. by 5 in. Bought (Bock coll"). 7048.-1860. Possibly part of a table-cover for use in a vestry."
(Cole: 253)

Personal Observations:

Fabric count: 20 Count fabric (Based on personal observation)

Colors noted (Matched under natural light to a DMC sample card):
    White Linen (DMC 746)
    Green Silk (DMC 563)
    Red Silk (DMC 347)    

Cole, Alan S. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collections of Tapestry and Embroidery in the South Kensington Museum. London: Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode for H.M. Stationery Off., 1888.{}