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Welcome to the home of the Wymarc family

Richard, Ceridwen, Michael and Marina

The Astrolabe Project

The Astrolabe Project home page
The handout for my astrolabe class is here in pdf form; and for those who wish to make their own astrolabes:
The Astrolabe Generator

My introduction to documentation fro SCA competition:

How to document a project for an SCA competition

Pennsic class handouts from previous years:

From the Skin Out: Dressing the Brueghel Peasant Man

Marina's Pennsic Class Handout

Twisting Fibers: A Spinning Class for Beginners

New German Embroidery Patterns

NEW! LOTSA new patterns!!!
As usual, you can find it on the patterns page

'Who loves not woman, wine, and song remains a fool his whole life long.'

-- Martin Luther (attributed).

Arms of Master Richard Wymarc
Sable, a shakefork giles,
fimbriated argent
Arms of Mistress Ceridwen
ferch Rhys ap Michael
Or, a shakefork between
three quatrifoils gules
Arms of Lord Michael Wymarc
Azure, a shakefork between a die
argent,marked azure, and
two rapiers inverted in pile
within a bordure embattled argent
Arms of Lady Marina Wymarc
Vert, a shakefork Or between
a pair of dragon's wings argent